Island Tales

Island Tales

  1. Ballaró
  2. Luna
  3. Tribal
  4. Preludio
  5. Marettimo
  6. Father
  7. Hifda
  8. Arabe
  9. Afrika
  10. Minor question

… è quell'essere uniti che consolida la cultura

In a time where a “click” is enough to start a relationship on any social media without worrying about how much we have in common with other people, the question of meeting the “foreigner” assumes a fundamental importance that too often clashes with the “cultural integration”.

If, sometime, the superficial knowledge of the other still allows the beginning of a relationship, in other cases it translates into a condition of absolute distrust.

The origin of each one of us hides a story, an identity, a trace of human being that allows us to distinguish an individual, a group, a culture.

The identity represents, therefore, the synthesis of customs and traditions that refer to a collective story that is not always easy to understand.

Often, we are led to perceive the other person as a stranger, as an individual radically different from us only because the colour of the skin, the features of the face, the clothing are translated into prejudices that end up becoming insurmountable barriers.

Music, on the other hand, is an expression of the culture and soul of people, it has the power to point out the connections between seemingly distant countries.

“Island Tales” comes from this power of music, getting its origins from Arab, African and Andalusian themes that we can find in Sicilian culture, which, elaborated and mixed with modern sounds, give life to a real alternative musical current.

Recognizing the differences between cultures, with a mental flexibility to learn and tolerate, to achieve relative enrichment is the solution for an integration through which the system acquires and maintains a structural and functional harmony, while maintaining the differences of the elements.

I am sure music is, among the artistic disciplines, the best system of integration, as well as the most immediate tool of knowledge.

All titles written by Massimiliano Cusumano
Massimiliano Cusumano: Guitars and Synthesizer
Raffaele Barranca: Soprano Sax
Davide Femminino: Double Bass
Nino Errera: Percussions
Salvatore Barretta: Drum and Percussions
Iano Anzelmo: Drum
Doudou Diouf: Vocal

Recorded, mixing and mastering by Samuele Mollisi at MedRecord
Artwork by Vito Viola

Island Tales - Front Cover
Ballaró // Island Tales
  1. Ballaró // Island Tales
  2. Luna // Island Tales
  3. Tribal // Island Tales
  4. Preludio // Island Tales
  5. Marettimo // Island Tales
  6. Father // Island Tales
  7. Hifda // Island Tales
  8. Arabe // Island Tales
  9. Afrika // Island Tales
  10. Minor question // Island Tales