About Me

Massimiliano Cusumano

Massimiliano Cusumano born and formed as a musician behind the thrust of rock in the 70s, but after a brief period, focuses his passion and, therefore, the study of black music in all its expressions.

Recorded 2 CDs with Joe Castellano, a band with a Soul vocation of Sicilian origin but with American musicians.

In his artistic career he has the opportunity to share the stage with musicians coming from bands of James Brown, Whitney Houston, Manhattan Transfer, Doobie Brothers and many others.

After this he played the role of composer, musician and producer on the album, homonymous, by Daria Biancardi, extraordinary talent with a soul voice who participated in the talent show The Voice Of Italy a few years ago (2014).

During a period of personal and musical reflection, he stops to observe how the most cherished and intimate moments of his life have led him to compose pieces that in the first instance conceived only as moments of pure meditation., Later he focuses on those “musical reflections“, therefore in reality it’s something more deep.

His music draws its origins from Arab, African and Andalusian themes present in Sicilian culture that, elaborated and mixed with modern sounds, have given life to a real alternative musical form.

Island Tales - Front Cover
Ballaró // Island Tales
  1. Ballaró // Island Tales
  2. Luna // Island Tales
  3. Tribal // Island Tales
  4. Preludio // Island Tales
  5. Marettimo // Island Tales
  6. Father // Island Tales
  7. Hifda // Island Tales
  8. Arabe // Island Tales
  9. Afrika // Island Tales
  10. Minor question // Island Tales