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06 Febbraio 2021

spartacus 1 stagione cast

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It is the thirteenth episode of the Spartacus series overall. Oenomaus is good friends with Gannicus. Batiatus proposes to make Oenomaus master of the ludus if he is successful in his political ambition. Andy Whitfield: Spartacus (st. 1) Liam McIntyre: Spartacus (st. 2-3) John Hannah: Quinto Lentulo Batiato; Lucy Lawless: Lucrezia; Peter Mensah: Maestro Enomao; Manu Bennett: Crisso; Viva Bianca: Ilizia; Dustin Clare: Gannicus; Craig Parker: Gaio Claudio Glabro; Simon Merrells: Marco Licinio Crasso; Todd Lasance: Gaio Giulio Cesare Oenomaus is slain in the season 2 finale by the Egyptian, following a brazen attack on the Romans to escape the mountaintop on which the slaves were trapped. Spartacus, grazie alla sua incredibile prestanza fisica, riesce a sconfiggere ad uno ad uno tutti gli avversari che gli … 44:36. La guida alla serie di Starz Spartacus, ideata da Steven S. DeKnight, incentrata sulle gesta del combattente Spartacus, che pagò con il sangue il ricongiungimento alla moglie rapita. Forced to her knees from a slash to her kneecap, she is then stabbed in the neck, and through the heart (mirroring the manner in which Diona was killed) with her own sword. Crixus challenges Ashur to a fight, but Naevia insists on fighting him. Coincidentally, the shield has a red serpent on it, thus making Sura's prediction about Spartacus falling before the great, red serpent, come true. Using blackmail and the aid of Ashur, he has Solonius condemned to the arena, framed for Calavius's murder, and earns the support of Glaber by threatening to reveal that his wife has murdered a noble woman. Latest News. He and Ashur are bitter enemies and he is revealed to have been the one who burnt and crippled Ashur in the opening games of the new arena. Aemilia (Mia Pistorius). Pericles (Thomas Kiwi). It is the first episode of the Spartacus series overall. TRAMA Spartacus e gli altri gladiatori schiavi della casa di Batiato sono in ... Tutti gli episodi Stagione 1 13. The work follows the exploits of Spartacus, the leader of the slave uprising against the Romans known as the… Formato Serie TV, Titolo originale Spartacus: Blood and Sand . Batiatus makes a deal with Spartacus that if he continues to fight for Batiatus, he will find Spartacus' wife for him; however, she is brought to the ludus dying from an apparent attack. Spartacus: Blood and Sand is the first season of American television series Spartacus, which premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010. Veranda (Vanessa Cater) - A Gaul slave turned rebel. 47:33. He was a gladiator until he was seriously wounded in a battle against Theokoles and becomes the new Doctore when he is forced to kill the previous one. He later turns on her and begins to rape her. The wife of magistrate Calavius and mother of Numerius. He becomes aware of Kore's rape by Tiberius and schemes to have Crassus made aware of the act, however Tiberius outmaneuvers and eludes him at almost every turn. Spartacus Season 1 Cast. The editor of the games held in The Pits of The Underworld in season 1. Episodi. He is shown to be disturbed by the actions of the rebels after their success and is particularly antagonistic with Crixus and Naevia, who do not trust him. Bohnmichael49. Spartacus hosts a series of games in his honor, much like the ones they used to have in the arena, where his strongest people fight the Roman soldiers they've captured. Eventually convincing Crixus to separate from Spartacus to take further vengeance. Agron later becomes the lover of Nasir, a young slave whom he supervised after he was rescued from his fate after Spartacus and the rebels kill his master. Danus (Shaughan Campbell) - a ruthless Roman who is among the first of a group put together by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena‘s full cast and character listing has been announced.With Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Season 2 no where in sight, I am really looking forward to this. Later a prominent rebel. A Capuan businessman to whom Batiatus owes money. 10:40. He brings Spartacus to the foot of the mountain, where he eventually dies in a distraught Agron's arms. Albinius (Kevin J. Wilson). He manipulates Tiberius's capture by the rebels but is then forced to negotiate his release. However, when paired in a match with Spartacus against an unbeaten foe, Theokoles, he is severely wounded, costing him the title. He then sold Spartacus' wife Sura to a Syrian slave trader and sentenced Spartacus to death in the arena. He is captured by Glaber's followers before being executed by the man himself for refusing to cooperate with the interrogation. In his final moments, Gannicus sees his old friend Oenamaus, and imagines being back in the arena again, with everyone cheering his name. AUSXIP SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE CAST & CHARACTER INFORMATION. A reckless brute with no proper consideration, he only knows his native tongue. Numerius Calavius (Lliam Powell). Stagione 2 10. Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E02. Ortius (Fortune Shumba). Con Andy Whitfield, John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett, Nick E. Tarabay. Spartacus - Stagione 1 | Guardaserie in Streaming GRATIS su GUARDASERIE, La storia comincia con l'arruolamento di un trace dal nome sconosciuto nelle truppe ausiliarie romane per organizzare una campagna contro i Geti (tribù di Daci situate presso la parte meridionale del Danubio, che oggi costituisce laBulgaria, e la parte settentrionale, l'odierna Romania) su comando del legato Claudio Glabro. Hours before the final battle, Gannicus finally agrees to become a leader, so that the rebels may have a better chance. Opelia (T-Ann Robson) - A Greek slave owned by Caesar whom values her deeply. The complete guide by MSN. He led a revolt against Rome in 73, but eventually was defeated by Crassus in 71 and crucified; Spartacus, or Spartak, is a ballet by Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978). Nileus (Steven Gray) - a beast-like Syrian who is among the first of a group put together by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. She is killed by Roman soldiers during an attempt to take Rome with Crixus. He wears the severed faces of his killed foes. Andy Whitfield Spartacus (Season 1) Liam McIntyre Spartacus (Season 2) Manu Bennett Crixus. Her hatred causes a large rift between the major generals of the rebel army, particularly Spartacus, as well as Gannicus, after they refuse to kill the unarmed Roman families who were in a city they had taken. Once the child is born, Lucretia claims it as her and Quintus' son. He is involved in a relationship with Saxa, but ultimately leaves her for Sibyl, a young slave he helped free after taking over the city of Sinuessa en Valle. A guard. Executive producers Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert focused on structuring the events of Spartacus' obscure early life leading to the records of history. Numerosi attori si uniscono al cast regolare di Spartacus in questa terza stagione, in sostituzione di quelli usciti nella seconda. Daniel Feuerriegel Agron. His leg is then crippled by Crixus. In the slave revolt, he pushes Agron out of the way of an attacking guard and is mortally wounded in his place. Dies along with his lover, Veranda, in Crixus' attempt to take Rome; being slain by Caesar. A Sardinian gladiator, killed during the revolt. After being forced to return to Capua while her husband hunts Spartacus, she reunites with Lucretia and they slowly become friends again. Lucretia's personal and loyal slave. He then dies in the hands of Agron, longing to see his wife again. Scopri sulla guida di TV Sorrisi e Canzoni tutte le informazioni sulla stagione 1 di Spartacus: episodi, curiosità e altro ancora. TRAMA Spartacus - Sangue e sabbia racconta le gesta di Spartaco il trace fat ... Tutti gli episodi Stagione 0 0. Spartacus Blood and Sand S 1 E02 - Sacramentum Gladiatorum. She is one of the few slaves who manage to survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom. The two are seen by Ashur making love, and in attempt to gain vengeance on Crixus for crippling him, he asks for Naevia's purity from Batiatus. After being forced to kill his best friend Sabinus, he rapes his father's slave lover Kore as revenge and secretly hopes to overthrow his father to take over. Girato in USA, prima visione USA Venerdì 22 Gennaio 2010 su Starz. Spartacus: sangue e sabbia – Stagione 1 è una serie tv del 2010, andata in onda per la prima volta in Italia nel 2011, ideata da Steven S. DeKnight. Spartacus hosts a series of games like the ones he used to fight in, to honor Crixus after his death. In Vengeance, she falls pregnant, the father initially assumed to be Glaber. This is also know as the Andy Whitfield workout, since he was playing Spartacus at the time. But Gannicus avenges him as killing the Egyptian. Batiatus, determined to profit from Spartacus, may be at risk if his debts aren't repaid. Stagione 1 /3. Killed by Gannicus in the battle at Mt Vesuvius. He retrieves Sura on Batiatus' orders and murders her. A Gaul Gladiator. We use Cookies to provide you with the best user experience. The daughter of senator Albinius and wife of Glaber and another one of the series antagonists. Segovax (Mike Edward). The Egyptian (Stephen Dunlevy) - a silent yet deadly Egyptian taken from prison by Ashur to aid Glaber in his struggle against Spartacus. Neither Gannicus nor Melitta enjoy having to perform for the Romans, and their relationship with each other and Oenomaus becomes strained (though Oenomaus is unaware of what has happened). He is also shown to have significant disdain for the Roman elite who, despite his wealth, sneer at his lack of name. The main antagonist of War of the Damned; the richest man in Rome and a senator of the Republic tasked with bringing end to the rebellion. Campbell Cooley. Gaia was endowed with beauty and charm. Friend and follower of Licinia and Ilithyia, murdered during the revolt. It originally aired on Starz in the United States on January 22, 2010. When Crixus is chooses to separate from Spartacus and march on Rome for revenge, Crixus tries to persuade Gannicus to join him and his men telling him that it would be a blessing to them all if he did; but Gannicus declines, opting instead to stick with Spartacus and take the path over the alps to freedom with Sibyl. He led a revolt against Rome in 73, but eventually was defeated by Crassus in 71 and crucified Spartacus, or Spartak, is a ballet by Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978). Aegina, courtesan: Ekaterina Shipulina. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Gods of the Arena 5 Legacy 6 List of appearance 7 Trivia 8 Quotes 9 References Gaia was endowed with beauty and charm. Kore (Jenna Lind) - a loyal slave to her lover, Marcus Crassus; the Roman tasked to bring an end to Spartacus and his rebellion. In this video you will see Spartacus cast how look like Then and Now. During the rebellion, he is killed by a vengeful Aurelia, wife of Varro. Totus (James Wells) - a Germanic slave rescued from the Roman slave ship. Simply click I Accept to agree to the use of all cookies. Il serpente rosso (The Red Serpent) e' l'episodio numero 1 della Stagione 1 della serie televisiva Spartacus. Spartacus and his followers escape the mountaintop and began bombarding the Roman army with his own siege equipment. He artfully organizes the deaths of the other commanders and is given sole command. La terza stagione della serie TV Spartacus: sangue e sabbia è scritta da Steven S. DeKnight, Aaron Helbing, Todd Helbing e diretta da Mark Beesley, Jesse Warn. They have also received word that some of the rebels who set foot to the mountain before the battle began had been captured or killed by the Romans. Filming took place in Auckland, New Zealand. A Capuan, Mercato (Greg Ward). Doctore, Gallic gladiator, and trainer of gladiators in Batiatus' ludus. However, haunted by her past mistreatment at the hands of the Romans, Naevia develops a severe hatred toward anyone of Roman descent, be they soldiers or civilians. But after Glaber tells her to kill Lucretia, Ilithyia is about to do so when her water breaks. This makes Agron one of only a few gladiators from Batiatus' ludus, as well as the only prominent one from the first season, to have survived the rebellion. Andy Whitfield, star of the Starz Entertainment sword-and-sandal series "Spartacus," died in Australia on Sunday at the age of 39. In the final battle against Crassus, Spartacus leads his people into the fight, and has Gannicus with another group approach from behind. His schemes including ridding himself of his business rival Solonius, as well as gaining sufficient advantage with the local magistrate Calavius and legatus Glaber so that they will provide him patronage. In a desperate attempt to avoid deportation to the mines, he partially blinds Dagan. For the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the gladiators used a different version of the circuit training detailed above. Gladiator: Denis Savin. His eye is damaged beyond medical help after a fight with the Egyptian. He returns to his former villa to rescue his fellow slaves but is mortally wounded by his former master who is then killed by Gannicus in turn, avenging him. Viva Bianca Ilithiyia. first assistant "a" camera / "b" camera operator / second unit camera operator (33 episodes, 2010-2013) Cook / Dirty Bastard / Gladiator / Ixion (1 episode, 2010-2012) He led a revolt against Rome in 73, but eventually was defeated by Crassus in 71 and crucified; Spartacus is an 2004 television miniseries directed by Robert Dornhelm and produced by Ted Kurdyla from a … What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on January 8 Bridgerton just took back the top spot She is often seen dressed in stylish robes, wearing a bright red wig and possesses a great amount of jewelry. Summary: Spartacus embraces his role as champion and puts Crixus in his place. After Spartacus's attack on the arena, he helps the rebels get the wounded Oenomaus to safety. He was married to Vashti Whitfield.He died on September 11, 2011 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He believes in the honor of the ludus and the House of Batiatus until he learns differently. Diotimos (Kelson Henderson) - A slave escaped from Sinuessa en Valle and a friend of Sibyl. Spartacus is a set of Starz television series that focuses on the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who, from 73 to 71 BC, led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. He is ultimately successful and rejoins Crassus after the surviving rebels flee into the mountains. She is forced to watch as Crixus is beheaded by Tiberius. ⭐ OSSA. Ilithyia then seduces the boy Numerius into having Varro, Spartacus's only friend, put to death by Spartacus. He is stopped by Crixus, and later. He takes his slave Kore as a lover and shows her great affection, even asking her to accompany him while he engages Spartacus and is devastated when she joins the rebellion to escape his son. He gains the support of Crixus and at a party to announce Batiatus' pursuit of political office, Spartacus leads a slave revolt that kills Batiatus and almost all the people in attendance. Later a prominent rebel. Guarda comodamente "Spartacus - La vendetta (v.i.)" Ashur defeats her, but his arrogance overcomes him, and she takes advantage of the opportunity and decapitates him. Spartacus Was a famous TV series. POWERFUL - You will love the exceptional micro-cast dual centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Spartacus. Caesar is sent to Sinuessa en Valle to pose as a rebel slave and help bring the rebels down from the inside. Spartacus eventually has an army of hundreds of thousands of freed slaves, who free one city after another. Company Credits Is slain by the army of Crassus during Crixus' attempt to lay siege on Rome. Though she and Caesar lie to Crassus about who killed Tiberius, Spartacus inadvertently reveals the truth which she then give to Crassus. Viene accusato di tradimento assieme alla moglie. When Glaber neglects her, she plans to dissolve her marriage to Glaber and become Varinius' wife. Games are held pitting Roman soldiers against gladiators in honor of Crixus, with Naevia to face a now captive Tiberius in the primus. After attempting to have Batiatus killed, he and his family are killed in revenge. He is killed in the Pits. Agron and his brother are the first to join Spartacus in his plan to rebel and take back their freedom. During the visit, a depraved Varis requests to see Gannicus in action, and Gannicus is forced to have sex with Lucretia's personal slave and Oenomaus' wife, Melitta. Duro (Ande Cunningham). A Gaul gladiator who admires Crixus and gladly joins the revolt after seeing Crixus launch Spartacus into the balcony. [1] La prima stagione, intitolata Spartacus - Sangue e sabbia (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) e composta da 13 episodi girati interamente in Nuova Zelanda, ha debuttato sul canale via cavo Starz il 22 gennaio 2010. It is revealed immediately afterwards that Batiatus had Sura murdered so Spartacus would stay at the ludus, as he would have no reason to gain his freedom. He gets drunk and is left behind by his fellow pirates and is therefore not part of their betrayal. Batiatus' wife. He loathes Tiberius and battles him for Crassus attention and favor. He survives the final battle and escapes the battlefield as one of the few slaves to survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom. He kills Crixus while the former gladiator is distracted by Caesar. Nasir, however, crafts him a shield with a sword attached to it, allowing Agron to participate after all despite being originally ordered not to by Spartacus at first. A Roman senator and Ilithyia's father. He was rescued from the Pits as a young man by Titus Batiatus and in gratitude, pledges his loyalty to the House of Batiatus. Licinia, cousin of Marcus Crassus, and Lucretia interrupt, causing Ilithyia to kill Licinia. Though he is captured by the Romans and sentenced to death, Spartacus rescues him and he is finally reunited with Naevia. A slave who serves as cook for the gladiators at Batiatus' Ludus and later for the Rebels. Spartaco, uno schiavo portato a Roma per farne un gladiatore, si mette a capo della rivolta degli schiavi cercando di scappare dall'Italia. His machinations cost Barca and Pietros their lives. Spartacus emerges victorious from the match and becomes the new "Champion", giving Crixus more reason to hate him. It is shown in Gods of the Arena that he was acquired by Batiatus along with his fellow Syrian Dagan. He vows to find Spartacus and bring him to his knees, whatever the cost. He helps her to fight like a warrior, so that she will never be anyone's slave again. He joins Spartacus army and provides details that help them take the city. The episode was written by Steven S. DeKnight and directed by Rick Jacobson. | After spending a brief period as a captive of the rebels, he is eventually accepted into their ranks. Before dying, he tells Gannicus that he and Melitta will be waiting to greet him in the afterlife. Starring : Manu Bennett , Lucy Lawless , Peter Mensah Plot : Watch the story of history’s greatest gladiator unfold with graphic violence and explicit sex.This is Spartacus. A captured fugitive who is forced to become a gladiator. Spartacus is an American television series produced in New Zealand that premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, and concluded on April 12, 2013. She is slain during the rebellion. Killed by Spartacus while trying to defend Glaber. A Look Behind Spartacus: War of the Damned. He and Spartacus are scheduled to fight to the death and the two talk the day before. Bohnmichael49. Tyronius (Tyrone Bell). Genre : Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History Tagline : Some legends are written in blood. Gladiator Bootcamp . She has Naevia sold and convinces Batiatus to poison Crixus' food so he will be unable to defeat Spartacus in an exhibition match. Glaber then turns from her. Curiosità. He approaches Crassus' army from behind with his own group, distracting him from Spartacus. A behind-the-scenes look at the final season, Spartacus: War of the Damned, featuring the cast, crew, and executive producers. He fights under Ilithyia, who has him attempt to kill Spartacus in exchange of freedom. Spartacus streaming.Spartacus in alta definizione streaming gratis.Spartacus ultimi stagione o episodio su ilgeniodellostreaming.【ilgeniodellostreaming by】 - USA 2010 . A Roman politician and grandson of. Brictius (Jason Hassel) - a Gaul slave turned rebel. Tutti gli episodi La fotografia e gli effetti visivi si ispirano alle note opere grafiche e cinematografiche di Frank Miller, come 300 e Sin City. Eventually, Spartacus finds out and plans vengeance against Batiatus. Aulus (Mark Mitchinson). He dies in Agron's arms saying : "This time, it's me who saves you, brother". Spartacus Blood and Sand S 1 E05 - Shadow Games. An arrangement where Ilithyia has sex with Crixus is set up, but a jealous Lucretia instead has a masked Ilithyia lay with a masked Spartacus. He attacks Ashur in a fit of rage, revealing their affair to all. Dopo essersi ribellato agli ordini dell’esercito romano, colpevole delle morti di alcuni soldati, accusato con la moglie di tradimento, e condotto al cospetto di Claudio Glabro, Spartacus viene condannato a morte nell’arena dei gladiatori. Bohnmichael49. "Kill Them All" is the thirteenth episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. After she helps him escape the ludus, Mira becomes Spartacus' lover, until she comes to realize he would never love her the way she loved him. Meanwhile, Gannicus' flashy style and cavalier attitude gain him much favor with the spectators and Quintus, but are met with indignation by Titus Batiatus upon the pater familias' return to the ludus. Gannicus easily slays many Romans, and is horrified to see both Saxa and Naevia die in front of him. After witnessing his potential, Batiatus purchases him to curry favor with Tullius. Harudes (Carl Grace) - a Germanic slave rescued from the Roman slave ship. He is responsible for Kerza's death, and meets his own end when Spartacus kills him with his own axe. La trama narra le gesta di Spartaco che viene catturato dalla lontana e selvaggia Tracia dall’impero romano. Despite the harsh treatment he shows his son Tiberius after his defeat, he loves him and pushes him to succeed. Ovidius (Matthew Chamberlain). Spartacus comes to live at the ludus and eventually proves himself a skilled gladiator. Episodi, cast e personaggi della stagione 1 di Spartacus. Andy Whitfield Actor | Spartacus: Blood and Sand . Domitia (Janine Burchett). He is nearly killed by Crixus before the gladiator is ambushed from behind by Tiberius in an attempt to steal glory; much to Caesar's anger, and is forced to watch as his adversary is executed. The son of magistrate Calavius with a fascination for gladiators, Spartacus in particular. Attius (Cohen Holloway) - A Roman blacksmith living in Sinuessa en Valle. After Crixus attempts to prove he has recovered, Batiatus considers selling him. 52:56. Though she refuses to mention who, Crixus finds out it is Ashur during an exhibition fight between Glaber's soldiers and Spartacus. His marriage to Ilithyia becomes strained and is unaware that the child she carries is not his. 58:40. Spartacus: sangue e sabbia (2010): scheda completa della serie TV di Steven S. DeKnight con stagioni ed episodi, trame, recensioni, cast, trailer, foto e curiosità. He is among those captured during their attempt to rescue Naevia from the mines and falls in the arena before Spartacus is able to launch his rescue attempt. Despite this, Ilithyia returns and saves Glaber from Seppia, who planned on killing him after she discovered he murdered her brother. He and Dagan acquire the mark of the brotherhood after helping assault Vettius, rather than after the test against a seasoned gladiator. She is furious when she realizes Crixus is in love with her body slave Naevia. Ixion (Campbell Cooley). The Romans | The Rebels. Gaia is a Roman woman and a close friend of Lucretia. After being asked by the Senate to finance an army to take down the rebels, he is forced to share leadership. Spartacus Stagione 1 Rivelazioni Rivelazioni Stagione 1 - Episodio 12 Disponibile on demand fino al 30/01/2022 Stagioni disponibili Spartacus - Sangue e sabbia (v.i.) The attempt is unsuccessful and Segovax is crucified, though her involvement is not proven. Crixus reveals to a scorned Lucretia that he had never loved her, only Naevia, and shows little care when she claims her unborn child is his. Spartacus loses trust in her when she tries to murder the captured Ilithyia. Later, Mira develops real feelings for Spartacus and becomes his lover and aids him in the rebellion by opening the gates to the villa. Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Antonio Te Maioha, Viva Bianca, Lucy Lawless, Katrina Law, Manu Bennett, Jai Courtney, Andy Whitfield, Liam McIntyre However, Spartacus spares her and Gannicus, having given up everything, is forced to stay with the rebels. Release Dates Having performed shamefully in the arena against Crixus, Spartacus is forced to fight in the Pits. Killed by Gannicus while trying to protect Ilithyia. 58:40. He led a revolt against Rome in 73, but eventually was defeated by Crassus in 71 and crucified; Spartacus, or Spartak, is a ballet by Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978). Batiatus purchases Spartacus to either win patronage from Glaber by having him killed, or use the Thracian's popularity for his own ends. He is later captured by Spartacus and sentenced to be killed by Naevia. darcyleah1902. In the end, Agron and Nasir are two of the only warriors to survive, and lead the remaining non-combatant slaves to a new life. She becomes Crixus' love interest after he declares his affection. He is overcome with rage when his brother is murdered during the revolt, and vows to avenge his death. He is married to Lucretia's body slave, Melitta, until her accidental death by poisoning. Nick Tarabay Ashur. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Cossutius (Jason Hood) - a wealthy man who lives outside of Capua and is easily the most depraved character in the entire series. When Spartacus defeats his opponents, he reluctantly sells Spartacus to the ludus of Batiatus. Scheda della stagione 1 della serie TV Spartacus composta da 13 episodi creata nel 2010. Batiatus promotes him from the ludus and makes him a part of his household as a result. He is choked to death by Spartacus once he learns that Aulus killed Sura under Batiatus' orders. In revenge for her actions against Naevia and for poisoning him, Crixus critically injures Lucretia, killing their unborn child. Despite the fatal injury, she still attempts to engage Caesar, though she is swiftly bested. A Thracian who becomes a gladiator in the ludus of Lentulus Batiatus. Un film di Michael Hurst, Rick Jacobson, Jesse Warn . 1080p ADDED. Watch Spartacus: Whore from Season 1 at He ruins these plans when he kills her father, Albinius. In an act of betrayal, Solonius convinces Varis to award Gannicus his freedom, thereby robbing the house of Batiatus of their only proven champion. After Varro's death, both Agron and his brother take over as Spartacus' main training partners. In Gods of the Arena, she poisons Batiatus' father to stop him disowning his son, framing Tullius for the deed. Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E04 The Thing In The Pit. Quintus Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Batiatus, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, Interview: Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert from Spartacus: Blood And Sand,, Lists of American television series characters, Fictional characters based on real people, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from May 2017, All articles needing additional references, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from May 2017, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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